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A Simple Guide To Finding A Place To Live In Boston

Plenty of outdoor space, fantastic weather, and top-quality bars and restaurants are some things that make Boston a vibrant city to live in. In addition, it’s home to famous sports teams, prestigious universities, and innovation centers. No wonder thousands are relocating to this city every year!

If you consider moving to “The City on the Hill,” you probably want to know one or two things about it. We created this simple guide to help you find a place to live in Boston, including the safest neighborhoods, cost of living, and finding a suitable apartment.

Picking A Neighborhood

Like most US cities, Boston attracts many young people who prefer urban areas and swanky apartments. This has led to a demand for houses, especially in the downtown area. As a result, expect rent to be significantly higher than most US cities, something that pushes many residents to opt for longer commutes to stay in the adjacent towns.

Despite this challenge, moving to Boston is still a viable option with numerous attractive neighborhoods to live in, both within the center and in coastal areas surrounding the city.

Some of the best places to live in Boston include:

alcott apartments boston maa is the ultimate destination for those in pursuit of modern and luxurious living spaces adorned with state-of-the-art amenities such as fitness center, recreation room, swimming pool, business center, etc. Unveiling a world of contemporary design and luxurious comforts, these exceptional apartments set the standard for upscale urban living. While choosing to reside at Hub 25 comes with a slightly higher price tag compared to other neighborhoods in the city, the elevated lifestyle and access to unparalleled conveniences make it a worthwhile investment.

Beacon Hill

This is a picturesque part of town that’s popular among tourists due to the historical houses and cobblestone streets found here. You will enjoy night walks in this beautiful neighborhood illuminated by gas streetlights.

South Boston

Residents dub this neighborhood as “Southie,” and it’s one of Boston’s best places to live. The neighborhood has waterfront access and a range of new developments, contributing to increased rent prices.

Back Bay

If you’re looking for ultra-modern apartments in Boston with the latest amenities, Back Bay is an excellent place to start your search. However, expect to pay a few more hundred dollars per month in rent than other neighborhoods in this city.

The most popular suburbs near Boston include:


This suburb is home to Harvard and MIT, so you can expect to find the majority of the population in the area is young people. Some areas in Cambridge give you access to the T-accessible regions if you need bus lines. You can find apartments in a range of prices depending on the proximity to the T and quality. The neighborhood is not too far from downtown.


This is yet another excellent neighborhood to live in, with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby. It’s a good area if you have a car because some areas lack access to the Orange and Red lines, yet parking spaces are easy to find.

Coolidge Corner

Another hot spot for renters is Coolidge Corner in Brookline, off the Greenline. However, finding an apartment here is extremely difficult due to the cut-throat demand for houses.


Pronounced as “wuu-stash,” this neighborhood is among the most preferred by college students. It has a small-town feel without seeming rural, but you might spend more than an hour driving here from Boston. The area has significantly lower rent prices.


If you want to work in some other places than Cambridge or downtown, Belmont might be the suburb for you. There’s plenty of green space for those who enjoy living in such spaces.

Cost Of Living

Life in Boston is pretty expensive, with the city’s overall cost being well above the national average. Indeed, Boston is more expensive than LA, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, and Dallas. One of the biggest reasons is that it’s an old city with little room for expansion.

Expect to pay up to $20 for the main meal, while a three-course meal could set you back around $50. Fortunately, public transport is significantly cheaper because a monthly pass gives you unlimited access to the T.

Finding A Place To Rent In Boston

As with most top cities, finding the best apartment to rent in Boston can be a lengthy process. Most leases begin in August or September, and many landlords know which apartments will be vacant as early as January.

Prospective tenants may be required to have an annual income of up to 40 times the monthly rent, a good credit score, and previous landlord references. As such, be sure to have your letter of employment, a letter from your current landlord, valid ID cards, good credit, and a guarantor.

Once you get a good place, be sure to act fast because houses here move fast. Moving on a weekend is an excellent idea if you want to arrive at your place early. Most city dwellers are late risers on Saturdays and Sundays, which means less traffic to deal with. Also, avoid moving in during peak season at the beginning of September because most college students are returning during this period.

Do you have any other questions about Boston before you can make the big move? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

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