4 Tips For Being Money-Savvy Through College

Most of us go through college, and most of us have a lot of debt at the end to show for it. However, if you’re someone who considers themselves pretty money-savvy, then you might not want to face a mountain like this when you get handed your degree.

If you’re hoping to get through college without accruing too much debt, but you still want to have a good time, let’s talk about it. Here are four tips for being money-savvy all the way through college.

1 – Be Responsible

This might sound like a lecture from your parents, but the reality is that if you want to be money savvy through college, you’ve got to be responsible with your finances. When you’re making adjustments to college life, it can be all too easy to let your finances go, and end up being way over your head before you know it.

Even if your parents are still paying for some of your bills, it’s important to be responsible with the money that you have, and make the right choices. While others around you might not be doing the same, if you keep an even keel, you’ll come out the other side successful.

2 – Consider A Short-Term Loan

You’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on a quick bit of cash to get you through the first semester or two. While trying to make your money last is, of course, highly recommended, it’s also worth taking a look at what your options are when you need to fill in the gaps a bit also check

Ever wondered ‘what is a title loan’? A title loan is like a personal loan – it’s a loan that you can take out against the value of your car. Most of the time, lenders are easy-going and won’t check your credit score, and offer flexible repayment options. This is a great way to make ends meet in the beginning when you don’t have a lot.

3 – Keep Track of It All

This is similar to being responsible with your cash. You’ve got to make sure that you are able to keep track of your finances. This could start with creating a routine where you do a bit of regular accounting around your finances. Make sure that you keep a record of what you’ve paid in bills, and what you’ve got coming in.

The more knowledge you have about your finances, the easier it will be to keep track of everything. As soon as you start to lose this, it will be easier to overspend and not have enough when you actually need it.

4 – Don’t Buy New

One of the savviest ways to make it through college without spending too much is to buy things second-hand. Those brand new clothes in the window may look pretty tempting, but there’s nothing wrong with going bargain hunting in a thrift store and finding some undiscovered gems for a fraction of the cost. 

The same goes for textbooks – you don’t need to buy these new ones. Just go on your group’s Facebook page, or even try to hunt some down over Craigslist.

If you’re looking for some savvy ways to get through college and keep your bank account intact, make sure to adopt these helpful tips.

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