The Best Site To Watch Free Anime Online – No Ads (2023)

Anime fans have never felt this happy as new free streaming sites come on the scene on a daily basis. If you have been in love with anime for long, you would know how painful it was to wait for our favorite show to be leaked, let alone subbed or dubbed. But now, we are spoilt with choices and the only challenge we have to face is to look for a site that provides the best overall experience. 

Time for anime never seems to be enough, so it is truly a waste to look through hundreds of sites to find the best. We understand your struggle and we decide to do that job for you. We have done an extensive research to come up with the best site to watch free anime online with no ads. And today we will introduce you to the winner, Zoro.to. 

What is Zoro.to?

Zoro.to is a newly-launched free anime streaming site that provides its user with an extensive content library, high resolution, fast updates, as well as superb streaming capabilities. What makes Zoro.to stand out from the crowd is that the site is completely ad-free, making it the safest site for free anime streaming. 

Is Zoro.to Safe?

Zoro is arguably the safest site we have come across. As there are no ads or popups, there is no risk of virus and malware. The site doesn’t require any registration or signup either, which means there is no need to share your private information such as email or credit card number. You can rest assured your device, identity, and bank account are kept safe while streaming free anime online at Zoro.to. 

Sites like Zoro.to

You can easily find ad-supported streaming sites that give you access to their extensive content library such as Gogoanime, AnimeDao, 9anime. You can also stream free anime online in 1080p quality at CrunchRoll, Funimation but keep it in mind, current titles are normally not available for free tier. Therefore, Zoro.to is one of a kind as it lets you watch the latest releases in HD quality without forcing you to sit through malicious ads. 

Is Zoro App Available?

Unfortunately, the Zoro App is not available to install yet. However, the mobile user experience is superb that you will barely feel the need for an app.  

Why Is Zoro Named The Best Site to Watch Anime Online with No Ads?

No one ever knows how many anime streaming sites are there and of course, no one is legit to do the comparisons. Most sites are public but there are sites that go private to avoid troubles. But we all can agree that if a site is excellent, it stands out from the crowd and soon it will be on everyone’s lips. And Zoro is such a site!  

1 – No Ads and Popups

What sets Zoro apart from other sites is its ad-free feature. Be it free or freemium, a site is often ad-supported. Ads and popups are the only source of income for streaming sites so it makes perfect sense that we are supposed to sit through multiple ads to get to watch a site’s content. It is a nice way to show support to the teams behind those sites. However, when we click on unwanted ads, viruses and malware might attack our device. And in the worst scenario, we might even lose money to hackers. But there are no ads on Zoro, meaning that it poses no risk to our device, identity, and bank account. 

Another thing that we can benefit from the site’s ad-free feature is a seamless streaming experience. No ads ever will appear while we are in the middle of our journey in the dreamy anime world. 

2 – Safety

As explained above, Zoro’s ad-free feature ensures complete safety for its users. Normally we are suggested to turn on a reliable anti-virus and AdBlocker extension to protect your device from virus and malware. But you can have a totally carefree streaming experience at Zoro without them. Zoro doesn’t require its users to make an account so if you prefer being anonymous, you won’t need to reveal any of your private information to enjoy free anime streaming here. 

3 – Content Library

No matter what title comes to your mind, you are highly likely to find it in the search box at Zoro. This site’s content library is extensive with thousands of subbed and dubbed anime shows from all genres such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, game, and many more.

4 – User Interface

Zoro.to is one of the sites with the simplest user interface. It might be your first time accessing a streaming site and you can still easily figure out how to navigate through it. In the center of its homepage placed a search box that you can use to look for the title of interest. Or you can use the site’s categories such as Movies, TV Series, Most Popular, and Top Airing to manually search for something to watch.

5 – Streaming Experience

Streaming at Zoro.to is as smooth as butter with a stable Internet. Given that the site is ad-free, your whole streaming experience will be seamless without any interruptions. All you need to do is to hit the Watch now button and your video will automatically play within seconds. 

6 – Resolution

As long as your Internet connection is stable and strong enough, you can enjoy free anime streaming in 1080p quality without buffering and lagging. In case, your Internet connection doesn’t support HD quality, you can still enjoy your favorite anime at a lower resolution (360p for example) by adjusting the image quality accordingly.

7 – Updates

Zoro.to updates its database on a daily basis with new shows, latest episodes, and requested titles. If you don’t mind signing up, you can get notifications about the latest releases, as well as your favorite show’s updates. If you don’t want to miss what’s new, check out the homepage for the latest episodes constantly. 

8 – Registration or Account

If you want to keep your information confidential, you are not required to make an account. However, if you feel safe at Zoro and would like to receive its notifications, a signup is recommended.  We have high trust in Zoro so we are not against you making an account. 

9 – Customer Service

One of the biggest reasons that help Zoro gain massive success is its great customer service. Only by listening to its users and working hard to create a perfect overall experience for them, can Zoro stay firm and strong amid the fierce competition between streaming sites. The Zoro team is on active mode 24/7 to make sure all the broken links are fixed, all the requested titles are updated (if possible), and all of our inquiries are responded to. You can also interact with the team via Telegram, Discord, and many other platforms. 

With an increase in demand, there are more and more free streaming sites are launched. Who benefits the most from it? Surely it’s us, anime lovers. However, quantity doesn’t always equal quality, not every site is safe and provides us with a decent streaming experience. We hope that with this detailed review, you’ve found the best site to bookmark for your worry-free anime journey.

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