How To Survive Marriage & Actually Enjoy It

Do you think it would be an accurate assessment to say that most people don’t really know what they’re getting into when they get married? Or, maybe they do, and that’s what the “cold feet” are all about. Things are great during the honeymoon phase––and BAM––people realize marriage takes work! Life is already filled with exhausting layers that we have to navigate through,which makes it easy for people to get stressed out, wound up, and irritated. A quick fix–– buy CBDfx oil and share it with your significant other because life gets pretty mundane when you’re always talking about bills, kids, and work in such a tense mood. You’ve both got to be able to relax, kick back, and take things at face level as they come at you––as a team. See, that’s what marriage is all about. If you want to survive this thing called marriage and have some fun with it, take note of these tips.

Make Time For Each Other

Sometimes, it’s very hard for couples to align their schedules. One of you might work the day shift while the other does the graveyard shift, or maybe you both have the exact same schedule, but the kid’s take up so much of your time. You’ve got to set aside some “together time”. This can be a date night every other week, or even some alone time on the couch with Netflix and a cocktail after the kids go to sleep. If kids are in the equation, it’s even harder because you both end up knocked out in the bed with the kids! Overall, don’t get so caught up in everything you both have going on and forget about each other. Those little moments of sacred time that you guys carve out for each other will end up being the most cherished moments!


After being married for so long, a good number of couples say they don’t feel like their partner “hears” them anymore. It’s something strange that occurs within the lines of communication. It’s some kind of barrier that can form if you and your spouse don’t make it a habit to really listen to the other. If you’re having an issue, talk it out. If you can’t see eye to eye, or things get heated, take some time to yourselves and revisit. At the end of the day, you’re partners and should handle everything as a team. If it gets to the point that you’re both not able to talk, you can seek the help of a therapist from BetterHelp. This way, you both get to express yourselves and truly hear each other. Even if that means paying someone to teach you both how to listen and communicate productively. 

Don’t Go To Sleep Angry

Some advice that your elders probably gave you––don’t go to sleep mad at each other. Why let that anger spill over into the next day? It’s supposed to be a new day, right? If this little tidbit helped your grandparents achieve a healthy 30-year marriage, what harm could it do?

Keep Your Business Private

Have you ever gone to a friend or family member to vent about an argument that you had with your spouse? Maybe you’ve even made it a habit. Here’s what will happen. That person is going to resent your spouse. You’ve essentially painted a portrait of them with only bad stories and situations. You’re leaving out all the amazing parts, all the good things that happen. Sure, you couldn’t stand them last Friday, but they are the love of your life today! Your friend might even become a little annoyed with you for continually dumping all of your problems on them. So, keep your arguments and disagreements amongst yourselves. It’s not beneficial for everyone else to know about your problems!

Be Honest With Each Other

Trust is the most essential element of a marriage. If you don’t trust each other, you have no foundation. That’s why you have to be truthful and always keep your loved one in the loop––even if the truth isn’t so pretty. If either one of you breaks that trust, you’ll have to work to repair that bond that was broken. So, don’t lie, it’s not worth it!

Have Your Own Life

In the beginning stages of love, couples cling to each other. They go everywhere together and fuse into one human being. This is cute and fun at first, but then reality sets back in, and someone has to do whatever life calls them to do. Because we all have responsibilities, right? Some people make the mistake of being too clingy. Each party needs to have their own lives and things to do. As you move through the years of marriage, you’ll start to appreciate your independence.

Parting Thoughts

Marriage does take work. Don’t let this be a surprise to you! The good thing is that if both parties are genuinely invested in the union and want to make it work––it will!

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