How To Remove Acidity From Your Body

The consumption of certain kinds of food in large quantities can place your body into an acidic state. Most processed foods and seafood are mostly acidic in nature. Conversely, food such as fruit and vegetables tilt towards alkaline. For a healthy body, you should pay close attention to your pH level. Your pH level means the balance between acidity and alkalinity of your body. Medically, the pH of the human body should be slightly alkaline, but by eating a lot of acidic foods you can throw this off balance.

Categories Of Foods Based On The Ph Scale

Meals can be categorized into 3 main sections concerning the pH balance of the human body:

1 – Foods to shy away from

According to researchers, some acidic foods are generally bad for health and should be eaten infrequently. Examples of these include grain foods (such as rice and pasta), processed snacks and alcoholic drinks.

2 – Foods To Consume In Micro Quantities

Not all acidic foods should be cut off from your diet. These foods are needed to maintain a stable acid-alkaline balance. According to a review in October 2011, it was made clear that there are essential nutrients present in acidic foods. For example, a lack of acidic foods can lead to osteoporosis.

3 – Foods To Consume In Macro Quantities

A review in 2011 showed that an effective way of maintaining a good balance is by not cutting out all acidic foods. The key to this balance is stable and constant consumption of vegetables and fruits. It has been proven that all fruits and vegetables are alkaline except for cranberries. If you want to learn more about this, you should visit this site.

Guide To Differentiating Acidic, Alkaline And Neutral Foods

Generally, a balanced diet is a unique combination of all classes of food; either acidic, neutral or alkaline. The following are a list of food items falling into each category

1 – Neutral Foods

Neutral foods (as the name implies) are neither acidic nor alkaline. They don’t possess characteristics of either the acidic or alkaline food group. Such foods include fresh and raw cream and raw milk.

2 – Acidic Foods

Acidic foods mostly include processed foods such as meat, fish, sweeteners and sweetened foods. Most body-building foods fall into this category. This category includes beans, plants such as pumpkin, and some nuts. Such nuts include the Brazil nut and peanut.

3 – Alkaline Foods

Consumption of plenty of alkaline foods helps maintain the body acid balance. Most fresh and raw vegetables are alkaline. These include broccoli, carrots, and beets, etc.

Eliminating a particular food because it raises the acidity of the body is a good idea. This tends to leave an individual vulnerable to illness. Getting rid of acid in the body can prove to be difficult; but with proper guidance and care, it is an easy task.

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