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You must have heard about “mary Marquardt” as she was the wife of Hollywood Heartthrob Harrison Ford. By profession, Mary is a renowned illustrator and chef but most of the people know her because of her husband Ford. Mary Marquardt’s life is full of ups and downs. She is an iron lady who fought bravely at so many levels in life. 

Below is a brief discussion about Mary Marquardt’s love life, marriage, net worth, and death speculations, let’s have a look. 


Mary is not a very social person, she is keeping her personal life private since her divorce. So there is not much information related to her early life, childhood, and education. All we know is Mary is a white American national. She is not active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That is why there is hardly any information related to his personal life. 


Mary was a chef by profession, but she never talked about her career and her dreams in front of the public. Mary is very reserved when it comes to her family and personal life. Mary remained in the spotlight because of her husband. 

Mary Marquardt Marriage

Mary Marquardt and Harrison met each other for the first time, in their college days. Though both have them have different career dimensions but Marry supported her husband from the beginning of his career. Mary and ford got married back in 1964 and it was a very famous couple of that time. Both remained together for 15 years and parted their ways when their marriage becomes sour. 

Mary stood for Harrison when he was just a voice-over man, she supported her to get shifted to Los Angelos where he jumped into Hollywood and got all the fame. Mary Marquardt gave birth to his first child Benjiman ford in 1969. The family lived happily together for 10 years. 

Mary has two sons “Benjiman Ford” and “Willard Ford”. 


Life is a mixture of ups and downs. Even the sweetest dream could turn into the worst nightmare within the blink of an eye. Mary and Ford were college sweethearts, they became life partners and were living happily until Ford was Cast for the very famous movie “star wars”. During the shoot of the movie, Mary caught Ford and his co-star Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia. she decided to end her relationship and the couple got divorced in 1979. 

Mary Marquardt lived as a single parent after divorce and living with her sons, whereas Ford got married twice. 

Death Speculations

In the early 2000s Mary Marquardt was diagnosed with a disease known as “ multiple sclerosis” she is facing death every day, but not ready to give up. During her disease, her firstborn son Benjamin is taking good care of his mother and Mary is so proud of Benjamin Ford. 

Benjamin decided to follow the footsteps of her mother, and he became a chef. Whereas Mary’s second son is clothier. Both of them avoided Hollywood, maybe because they are not very impressed with their father. Benjamin is quite successful in his career and he owned his success to his beloved mother. Also, Benjamin is very popular on social media, he is using this platform to spread awareness about his mother’s disease and how bravely she is fighting it. 

Net Worth

Mary no doubt is an iron lady who spent her life while fighting with her disease and at same time working hard to give her sons a better future. As mentioned above, she avoided the media spotlight after her divorce therefore, there is no information related to her net worth.  

Here is all you need to know about Mary Marquardt and her life, Did you find this information useful and interesting? Do you have any extra information related to Marquardt’s personal life? 

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