Jill Tavelman Bio, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth 2023

Women work hard to become famous, but sometimes they get fame because of the popularity of their husbands. Jill Tavelman is one of them. Phil Collins is a famous drummer, singer, and actor who is also known for the husband of Jill Tavelman. Jill became famous because of her husband’s hard work, she became the headline even more after her daughter Lily Collins became a famous actress. 

Bio And Personal Life Of Jill Tavelman

Jim Tavelman is an American famed celebrity and better known as the ex-wife of Grammy award-winning artist Phil Collins and the mother of Lily Collins. You will be shocked to know that Phil has been married and divorced three times. She is born on 9th April 1956, and now she is 64 years old. She holds an American Nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. As per the zodiac sign, she is Aries. She was born in Los Angeles, CA. In July 2019, she started her personal business and openan antique store situated in West Hollywood, California.

Jill Tavelman Husband – The Most Popular Phil Collins

Jill Tavelman married the most popular celebrity, Phil Collins, in 1984. They gave birth to a daughter Lily Collins in 1989, and she became an actress. Their marriage comes to a dangerous point when Jill knows about his two times affair while touring with Genesis in 1992 with Lavinia Lang, a school classmate. They were engaged previously, but get separated before marriage. In 1994, he filed divorce for Jill Tavelman and it was finalized in 1996 with the settlement in which Collins had to pay her £17 million to Tavelman. 

Jill Tavelman Net Worth 2021

The total income of Jill was 25 million dollars, that most of her profit comes from her work as a designer. She also gets somewhere in the range of 60,550 and 102,680 dollars as a planner. In 1996, when she got separation from her ex-husband Collins was concluded, she got £17 million. After getting the handsome amount, she purchased a house in 2016 for 12.4 million dollars. The house evidently comprises a library, tennis court, and 4 rooms.

Jill Tavelman Facts

  • Jill Tavelman got separated from her husband via divorced on 5th December 1996. 
  • She is renowned as the mother of the actress Lily Collins. 
  • Jill’s mother and father was a Canadian Jewish immigrant who owned a men’s clothing store in Beverly Hills CA for many years.
  • She is still not active on Social Media
  • She is an avid pet lover.

Final Words

This is a complete guide to Jill Tavelman who is known as the wife of Phil Collins. So, if you are not aware of the personality then you will definitely get to know her here. The best of all and the beautiful girl she is. These guides are really good for the fans of celebrities and superstars. What are you waiting for? Read the guide and be the one who is aware of the most popular personality. Isn’t it amazing?

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