All You Need To Know About Celestia Vega: 

Celestia Vega is a famous vlogger, An American adult star and twitch streamer. She has millions of followers on youtube and she is loved by tons of people across the globe.

She is known for her amazing sense of humor and confidence, Celestia Vega has a power in her voice that can attract the audience towards her. She became a youtube star at a very young age. 

 Here are some of the interesting details about Celestia Vega’s life, career and all other things that you need to know about her.let’s have a look at them. 


Celestia Vega was born on 12th August 1998. She is among some of the youngest youtube stars with millions of fan following. She first appeared on youtube in 2015, at the age of 17 years and now Celestia Vega is among the most searched names on google. Celestia Vega is an adult star, and one of the renowned porn stars. She is famous for all the wrong reasons. She started her career as a youtube star, and later on, she stepped into the film industry as well. She is a source of inspiration and idol of millions of girls and boys. 

Personal Life: 

There is nothing much about Celestia Vega’s personal life. She is very much private about her personal information and she never talked about her family or siblings in front of the media or public. Even no one is aware of her parents or siblings. We can’t tell if she is a single child or what the profession of her parents is. Even there isn’t any information related to her love life, her childhood, and the history of her education. But from her appearance, we can surely judge that Celestia Vega is an American national. 

The only personal detail we know about Celestia is that She is 5ft and 4 inches tall. Her fans admire her height a lot. She is a Leo and that’s why she looks bossy. Currently, she is 21 years old, which makes her one of the youngest youtube/adult stars. She loves a variety of hair colors from pink to purple. Vegas has two cats and she loves animals a lot. She also mentioned that she suffers from depression and anxiety a lot. She loves watching movies and her favorite Genre is “horror”. 

Professional Life: 

She began her professional life with a podcast on twitter. Lateronshe used different other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to gather public attention. In 2011, when her podcast went viral, Celestia Vega got much positive response from her admirers. Celestia Vega became a youtube star in 2015 when her channel got 560,000 subscribers and all of sudden she became a youtube sensation. But she got famous for all the wrong reasons. Celestia’s videos were categorized as adult content and are restricted for kids. Her videos are full of abusive language and she masturbates a lot while talking to her fans. According to Celestia, she masturbates 6 times in a day. Later in the year 2017, she promised her fans and followers for her first porn video. But for some reason, this video was taken down by porn hub. The reasons are still unknown. 

Net Worth: 

Celestia Vega has earned a lot of money from her youtube channel, she was also the part of LA direct model. The advertising agency is located in California. According to some reports, the net worth of Celestia Vega till now is around $200 thousand. and that’s enough money. 

Some Other Interesting Facts about Celestia Vega: 

The following are some of the other interesting facts related to Celestia Vega’s life. Let’s talk about them. 

  • Celestia Vega was a partner and best friend of Zole Burgher. Zole repeatedly said that she is not happy with her line of work. As Zole was working for kids under 18 years of age and Celestia’s work line was totally opposite of her. They both separated their ways due to different fields of interest. 
  • Another interesting fact about Celestia Vega is she is bi-sexual, and she is not ashamed of her sexuality. In her videos, she mentioned quite a lot of times that she is attracted to both men and women. 
  • Celestia Vega was quite famous on Instagram and Snapchat. Her Instagram account was taken down due to violation of promises and now she disappeared from Snapchat too. leaving her fans and followers in confusion and curiosity.  
  • Celestia Once confessed that she has been through a lot of breakups. Her love life has always been through different ups and downs. Once when she went through a breakup, she shaved her head bald. That was the worst time. This confession left her fans sad, as everyone loves Celestia’s hair. 

Here is all about Celestia Vega’s life. Share it with your friends and Vegas fans

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