All You Need To Know About Abigale Mandler

Abigale Mandler was born on 22nd of July 1995. She was born and raised in United States. Abigale Mandler created her first YouTube channel in January 2015. She is an American gamer and vlogger. She also owns a self-titled YouTube channel through which she gained popularity in the first place. Abigale posts ASMR videos on her YouTube channel to help people who suffer anxiety and depression. On the other hand, she gained her fame by being confrontational and racy in all her videos on her YouTube channel. Abigale is one of the most popular gamers in America, at the young age of 23, she was already in the Luxe Company which is a well-established and known company for New Media and Entertainment. 

Personal Life

Abigale is a sister to four other siblings. She has one sister and three brothers. Abigale holds an American nationality and is ethnologically white. Abigale completed her early education at a private institute. Not much detail about her early life is reported to the media or any other source link.

Abigale Mandler

Abigale was also enthusiastic about starting her own YouTube channel, she is a social media idol. She has accounts other than YouTube as well which includes Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She has 165,000 and more than 250,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. Abigale is known to be a friendly and jolly person who also collaborates with different YouTube stars to make videos. These YouTube stars also include Zoie Burgher. 

Abigale is a person who cares about the well-being of other people and uses her social media presence to spread awareness for Autonomous Sensory Median Response known as the ASMR. These videos that she makes helps people with anxiety and depression issues. 

Abigale’s Love Life

Abigale Mandler is the kind of person who everyone tends to fall in love with. Having such a beautiful face, body and personality makes every other person fall in love with her and admire her. But such an amazing woman, fell for someone. Although Abigale tried her best to keep her romantic relationship a secret and to keep it a secret but despite all her hard work, she couldn’t manage to keep it a secret for long.

 Although, it is not yet known to the media or public that who the handsome hunk is. On the other hand, people have been talking about the beautiful couple walking down the aisle a couple of months ago. 

The couple was seen getting married in summer of 2017. Some pictures has been leaked to the media and public but no such details have been released by Abigale yet about her husband. She has been currently living with her husband.

Abigale’s Career

Abigale is one of the most successful YouTube stars. Alongside her successful YouTube channel, she also has a career in gaming. She has been one of the inspirations for women all over the world. People follow her YouTube channels and other social media accounts to make sure they keep their idols in view. 

Abigale has proven herself in the field of gaming. She has been playing different games like Call of duty, Tomb Raiders, and Resident Evil. She has proved her talent in gaming and is appreciated and recognized a lot in this category Harley Quinn Costume as well as others. 

She has published a lot of videos since her account was created in January 2015. During her live videos, she would use to get together with Zoie Burgher who used to make her own videos and gameplays on a social media platform called Twitch. Abigale used to partner up with her resulting in better TRP, more viewers and shared subscribers. This used to be beneficial for both of them. 

Zoie and Abigale later became best friends and started to live together in Escondido, California. Although she later, moved out from that apartment and now currently lived in a shared house with her husband (whose name hasn’t been declared public yet).

Net Worth

Abigale Mandler is one of the emerging sensations of the media. Her YouTube channel and Instagram posts and social media presence has made sure that she lives a luxurious life. This 23 year old YouTube shining sensation has made her way up the ladder. Abigale Mandler has said to have a current net worth of $75,000 which is accumulated by her through her YouTube channel and other social media presences like Instagram. She has also accumulated this net worth through her amazing gaming skills.

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