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The latest trend of 9anime love is everywhere. Watch anime online in high quality for free with English subbed, dubbed. Especially the young generation is crazy about binging 9anime. Thus to entertain such anime die-heart lovers, numerous websites are in the business. Among all Anime9 is one of the best websites. Also, it is famous among the youth. It’s convenient and it’s easy. Other than that, its registration is free. 

Thus you won’t have to hustle and bustle for surfing. Most importantly, it’s user-friendly provides greater interaction with features. 

In the text below you would get a brief glimpse over every important detail you want to know about 9anime. This will definitely make your anime watching experience worthwhile.

Why 9anime?

In a sea of thousands of websites providing access to anime surfing, why would you opt for 9anime

Well, the answer is simple: Because of its extremely convenient user interface. It is free so you won’t have to spend money. The quality is high so the eyes would love what they are watching. Furthermore, the background is dark thus a soothing impact for eyes becomes a reality. Moreover,  the site provides English subtitles and along with English dubbing. Thus language barrier is no more an issue.


An insight about 9anime

Here you would have a brief introduction and a way to use 9ainme properly.

So 9anime would definitely be a great experience for you if you get through this important information about the usage of 9anime.

The homepage, unlike other websites, gives a brief glimpse of the website. Very importantly, it is continuously updated so that you never lose your new anime. There is a variety of newly updated animated movies and videos. Not only this but also a piece of brief information about the concerned anime is given here too. Thus it makes your searching experience a little more convenient.

Genre selection is a tough job and not all anime websites provide this facility. On the right side of the homepage of Couchtuner, you would find the option of genre which makes your searching drive a little more directed. 

Above all, a variety of genre options are available here. From action to drama, comedy to trill, school to college, a mystery to adventure and a lot more, all is perfectly piled up there waiting for a click to entertain you.

Top Anime Section

Moving a little lower from the genre option is the option of top anime.  This option is basically all about the most viewed or latest hit. These animes are divided into different categories: days, weeks and months in a manner of popularity. 

This option of the homepage gives an insight into the upcoming anime. This section by far I guess is the most important section as it helps the fans to find about the upcoming anime and of course, helps them to plan their time accordingly.

Movies Section

One of the most important and highly searched section of 9anime is the movie section. This section helps you find your favorite movies in the HD quality with no time. Filtration on the basis of genre, language, sort, status, type, etc makes searching a lot easier.

This section is a dream of any anime lover. Since a wide range of movies and anime series are stocked here. You can entertain yourself accordingly. 9anime ensures that all your favorite movies or series should be just a click away. 

However, if by any chance you are not able to find your favorite movie or drama out here then guess what?  You can even request that certain movie. It is exceptional. Isn’t it?

Newest Section

The section named as Newest Section is definitely my favorite and favorite of all souls who are bored and tired of surfing. This section provides all the freshly brewed content. Thus if you are bored and want to watch something new this section is ready for your service. Not only newly added anime is out here, but also a short description of the videos is also given. 

Thus now not only new video is on the board but a little description helping you to chose video as per your mood is also there. This also helps you to keep yourself updated with all the new hits.

Ongoing Section

This section is for all those souls who are the series lovers. Here you will find a wide range of data that provide you with almost all of the running tv series. This special feature makes 9anime most favorite among its users. All the trending anime are displayed here and never let its user miss any trending anime.

Types Section

This section serves a unique purpose. It differentiates the anime into movies, tv serials and special. Special tab in this regard serves as a purpose of surprise for its users. Under this section, you would find out some of the very special episodes from various series. This definitely would be a great experience and an unexpected treat for you.

Is 9anime Safe?

Relief is waiting for you, i.e. 9animme is all safe. You just have to use uBlock Origin and you are all secured.

How to download from 9anime from Videorder?

So streaming online is always not the option. Sometimes you are in such places where wifi is not available. What to do then? Here is the option. You can download your favorite anime via Videorder and enjoy the binging.

Here are few steps which would assure you the safe and easy download of your favorite anime.

  • The first step is the installation of the videorder
  • The second is searching. You just have to search for your favorite anime
  • Now tap on the download bubble. Here you can also adjust the quality of the movie as per your choice
  • Select HD resolution
  • Now binge-watch anime offline. You can find this option in the download section of the app. Enjoy.

Is 9animi Legal?

No, 9anime is not legal. The videos uploaded here are pirated, without their owners’ permission and thus has copyright issues. However, with certain different names, this website is making its way into the entertainment business.


Since you have got a brief insight into 9anime, you now know how to surf your favorite anime with no time. Thus now you are all set for the greater adventure where you not only can binge your favorite anime movie, series or any special video but you can also keep a track of what is new in the town. This is a treat. Isn’t it?

9anime with its excellent user interface features, a user-friendly website, which has a dark theme and a homepage displaying thousands of anime options, is there to meet your demand for anime. Thus, it is all set to serve you. Now, what are you waiting for? Just click the link and enjoy the flick

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