9 Effective Ways to Automate and Grow Your Business

The world is chasing productivity and quality in unison. Businesses that can deliver are using the available tools and integrating them into their enterprise software. However, the analysis and implementation of productivity applications are not easy. The reason is simple. There are hardly any pure software development companies. However, product suites of different technologies are available that need to be integrated to form a logical sequence for the development of any project. This is the case with customized business process automation as well.

Now, the only way to overcome this problem is to partner with a workflow solutions management company to analyze the process requirements for your business and come up with an integration of the required tech stacks both paid and open source, that form the primer for process automation. They provide end-to-end platforms for all business needs that will help improve efficiency without additional stress. 

Examples of workflow management

Here are nine templates that solutions providers have pre-designed for common flows like:

  • Order inquiry
  • Customer-onboarding
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Procurement & purchase order
  •  Human resources
  • IT help desk
  • Incident management
  • Quality check

Other complete and sub-processes vary from business to business. Getting exclusive software designed for this process is not a viable option specifically for mid and small businesses. Besides, the number of pure IT companies has reduced drastically and the globe is surrounded by specialist IT companies that sell their stacks for subscriptions.  

Productivity application for workflow

When a business has to use multiple business productivity applications for different functions, the entire process will suffer from snags and delays as the process is in silos. Effective integration using workflow management and process automation will improve efficiency. 

By subscribing to process automation using no-code software from open source that has user-friendly interfaces, automated processes can be set up for all the different workflows in a business to generate solar leads. Now, open source software that doesn’t require coding skills is as reliable as system integration of standard components and other tools is possible with cloud computing. 

All the relevant processes that have repetitive tasks can be automated using RPA tools. The processes that need critical decision-making and data analytics can use AI-aided automation. 

Benefits of productivity tools

Organizations are empowering their employees with productivity tools to produce and share documents, infographics for sales copies, research insights for product development, and numerous other functions that evolve during a business. Project management, communication apps for workforces, and workflow trackers are some examples of productivity tools. 

These business applications or tools help in increasing the productivity of the employees and the process overall by:

  • Helping in maintaining clear communication and removing silos
  • Automates the process with immediate alerts when one task is completed and the next task is due
  • Send notifications followed by email about the change in the status of the task

Let’s see how these productivity tools aid process automation:

  1. Consistent quality

Continuous tracking ensures that there are minimum or no slippages. In case of an incident, it is effectively managed. When there are no issues in the process, quality is maintained on an end-to-end basis. 

Productivity applications aid to set goals, assign tasks to team members and reassign back once a set of tasks is completed, track the progress, send alerts, timely delivery, and helping in real-time communication that can be seen by all the collaborators of the project or task at hand. These tools are like virtual supervisors that bind the team together and help them achieve the tasks. 

  1. Ideate

When teams need to come up with innovative concepts for their brands they need to ideate and often the best ideas are lost. With a project management tool, even in the ideation stage, separate tasks related to the creative and design process are assigned. Communication is documented and available to be used as a team. This feature helps ideate and create better products and services

  1. Unified data source

All the team members that are assigned a particular task can access the related files and access them from the central depository. There is no need to request a particular file from a team member. 


Productivity tools have been used in a crude form even in enterprise software by creating a local network for the employees and separate common folders for saving documents. Current productivity tools are improvised versions that aid process automation.

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