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Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers – How To Pick The Right One

We all have different styles of sleeping when it comes to our good night’s rest. However, we side sleepers have it tough as we need the right kind of mattress to prevent too much pressure from falling on our hips and shoulders. You need something that’s not too cushy yet has enough foam to keep you comfortable. So, what are the different types of mattresses for side sleepers? Hybrid is one of the best options out there. 

So, what is a hybrid mattress? Just like the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is a multi-layer bed, which comes in a combination of innerspring and gel, latex, or memory foam. Generally, a hybrid mattress consists of four main layers;

  • Base Layer: The padding and the strength of the mattress lies in this layer. It is usually 1-inch thick and is the base of a bed. 
  • Support Layer: The main portion of the mattress is the support layer and is made of coils and springs. 
  • Comfort Layer: This is the top layer of your mattress, the one you lie on. It generally consists of memory foam, gel, or latex mattress. 
  • Pillow top: This is an optional layer and can be attached to the comfort layer for additional padding. 

Benefit from sleeping on a hybrid mattress

Now that you are familiar with what a hybrid mattress is, let’s take a look at the benefits from sleeping on a hybrid mattress.

Better Support 

As a side-sleeper, you need to ensure that your shoulders and hips are comfortable. That’s where memory foam comes in. However, memory foam is also famous for its “slow-melting” density that causes a sinking feeling. And this is where a hybrid mattress comes as your savior because it takes care of the sinking problem as it is a mix of innerspring and memory foam. The pocket-coil ensures more bounce and doesn’t cause motion transfer. 

They Are The Most Comfortable 

Comfort is the number one priority, isn’t it? That’s what helps us relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. The comfort layer of a hybrid mattress keeps you cozy, and when it is combined with pocket-coil springs, it can make you feel so weightless, which soothes you. Yes, it gives you a feeling of luxury. 

They Offer A Great Value 

There is no doubt that owning a mattress is an investment. However, a hybrid mattress is a practical investment because you don’t have to drain your bank account. Even the lower-cost hybrid mattresses offer incredible value. 

They Can Keep You Cool 

Did you know? One of the main concerns of memory foam is that it traps the air, making it too hot. However, when it is a combination of innerspring and memory foam, there is room to breathe and keeps it cool. Actually, innerspring coils transfer 28% heat when compared to just a memory foam mattress. This works exceptionally well for you if you are a hot sleeper along with a side one! 

Provides Pain Relief 

Hybrid mattresses provide the best possible support because of the pocket-spring coils. They contour to the body and ensure pressure point relief, especially in the neck, hips, shoulders, and back. And the topmost layer, which is the memory foam, provides the cushion that keeps you comfortable. 

Feels Luxurious 

Finally, it is all about comfort, and that’s what a hybrid mattress guarantees. The combination of innerspring and memory foam gives it a luxurious feel and helps you enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is the perfect blend of support and comfort. Yes, it means you can relish sleeping with this great mattress by your side. 

Best Hybrid Mattress For Side-Sleepers 

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Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Luxury Firm 1000 Hybrid Mattress 

The comfort layer of this mattress is made with cooling memory foam and comes with a sturdy foam that offers you the right amount of comfort and avoids any motion transfer to ensure you sleep well. Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Luxury Firm 1000 Hybrid Mattress comes with three main layers, where the topmost layer is made of memory foam, then comes the support layer, and then the base layer. The three layers together provide the necessary support to your shoulders and hips. Finally, this mattress comes with an additional layer below the base layer, which enhances the life of the bed. 

Dreamcloud Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress 

Well, the proof lies in the layers when it comes to a hybrid mattress, and the Dreamcloud hybrid mattress sure is comfortable because it comes with five main layers for optimum relaxation. It starts with the base layer, which acts as the foundation of the bed. Then comes the targeted support coil layer. It provides support and bounce. The third layer is the sink-in layer. It provides the right level of plush. The second layer is the pressure-relief comfort layer, which contours your body and also keeps the bed airy. Finally, it is the soft top layer; it keeps the air circulation moving and is also bedbug resistant! 

Perfect Cloud 11-Inch Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress 

This is another mattress that provides you with the necessary support and comfort and is perfect for side-sleepers. The bed is designed with multiple memory foam layers for that extra padding, and they come in varying densities. All of them are supported by coils for a weightless feel. The two memory foam layers provide pain-free sleep. Sounds, wondrous isn’t it? Because it is! 

Berger & Strauss 15-Inch Luxury Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress 

It comes with a unique design that is simply perfect for side-sleepers. It comes with layers of memory foam, fiber, and a bunch of coils. It comes with a two-inch memory foam layer that embraces you while you sleep. It also comes with a PrimaChill comfort memory foam layer that helps provide relief from pressure points. Even if you aren’t a side-sleeper, it is best for straight sleepers as well, as it helps maintain spine alignment. 

So, these were some of the best hybrid mattresses for side-sleepers. Hope this helps! 

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