How Do Tree Grates Make a Difference

Trees are generally found in forest settings or anywhere where the surrounding ecosystem can support their growth. The trees in urban environments don’t have this privilege. They have to withstand harsh circumstances such as pavements, increasing urban temperatures caused by factors like pollution, exposure to strong winds, vandalism by city dwellers etc. Therefore, tree grates play an important role to help trees acclimatize and withstand the harsh and never ending urban landscape conditions.  Tree grates come in various forms including plastic, metal and stone. Here are some ways tree grates make a difference:

Tree Grates Sustain the Lives of Trees

Soil compaction plays a vital role in ensuring trees properly utilize minerals, oxygen and water for their growth. When soil becomes too compacted, it interferes with the growth of trees. Due to the busy traffic in major urban areas, the soil becomes very compacted making it nearly impossible for any vegetation to survive. Tree grates solve this problem by making the area nearly inaccessible to people and vehicles. Therefore, trees can thrive without any inhibitions. Cast iron tree grates are especially excellent for this.

Tree Grates Enable the Development of Urban Forests in Cities

You can imagine how hard it would be to develop forests in cities. Tree grates have enabled this by making it possible to apportion space for trees while allowing pedestrians to walk over the area without causing any damage. Moreover, they prevent the buildup of litter. It’s easier to clean the areas with tree grates as compared to bare ground. People are also more cautious when disposing litter in areas with tree grates. Lastly, they support the growth of trees by curtailing the spread of weeds.

Tree Grates Enhance Landscape Aesthetics

It’s obvious to anyone how much trees contribute to the beauty of urban areas. It’s actually unimaginable to have a beautiful city without trees. Well, not only the trees contribute to the aesthetics of an area but the tree grates too. Perfectly designed tree grates are a thing of beauty. They can be custom made into shapes which create amazing focal points and break the monotony of the surrounding landscape. Whether it’s concrete tree grates or cast iron tree grates, you can never go wrong with a well designed tree grate if you wish to add unique scenery to your landscape.

Tree Grates Allow for Modern Urban Design Versatility

Tree grates are available in various designs, sizes, shapes and finishes. This allows for several options that can suit any tree pit design. Moreover, tree grates come in various materials such as stone, plastic, metal etc which enable landscape designers to play around with a myriad of creative design options. You can literally create and design any specification you want. With the rapid growth of modern architecture, the tree grates designs have only gotten better. A look at the landscape of cities in the last three decades or so will clearly show the massive leap in design versatility which wouldn’t be possible without the modern tree grates.

Tree Grates Add Character to the Landscape

It’s hard to move around any major urban city without being able to identify the unique elements of each section of the city. So, not only do tree grates enhance the aesthetics of the surrounding area, but also gives it a unique appearance which is easily identifiable to pedestrians. This allows them to relate to a place at a deeper level which enhances their experience with the place. Otherwise, urban spaces would be dull and without character. You can probably attest to the truth of this assertion. You probably remember certain sections of the city more because of their unique aesthetic character. We might as well say, tree grates give life to an urban space.

Other Important Things to Consider when Installing Tree Grates

It’s imperative to keep in mind various factors when incorporating tree grates in any landscape. Here are some of them:

  • Existing site parameters and design elements: You will have to decide whether to keep them, enhance them or ignore them.
  • Traffic: Areas with motor traffic will require different tree grates to areas with human traffic.
  • Access requirements: This will determine the design, size and the type of grates to be used.
  • Person with disability access: This will influence the size of the slits and design patterns on the grates. The slits cannot be too wide to allow for wheelchair movement.
  • Individual preference: More importantly, the personal preference and needs of the client will determine your choices in regards to the type of grates you are eventually going to settle for.
  • The soil underneath: You have to ascertain whether the soil underneath is sufficient for the tree. The soil has to provide enough room for the spread of roots.

Final Thoughts 

The massive difference tree grates can make to a landscape is a no brainer. Not only are they beneficial to the trees but they also enhance the overall experience of the users especially in crowded urban areas.

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