How Can AI Transform Consumer Experience?

We’ve been going through a consumer experience revolution for the past two decades, and nobody knows when it’ll end. The concept, the scope, and the purpose of consumer interactions with businesses have been constantly changing over the past thirty years. 

In the past, to reach and satisfy potential clients, it was enough to run a few advertising campaigns and do a few days of on-the-job training for your salespeople. But the advent of the digital space has completely upset the traditional communication and exchange channels between consumers and sellers by making the Internet the first point of contact of the customer with the company. According to most studies, almost all consumers research online before buying a product, and a majority decides to order most of their products online. Being able to provide the best experience to your consumers is vital for success. 

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. Capable of understanding human language, analyzing massive amounts of data, and responding in real-time, the technologies associated with AI are now mature enough to transform the customer experience. In this article, we’ll see a few ways AI can deal with consumer expectations and improve the consumer experience. 

A Changing Scene: More Demanding Users

Today, the hegemony of Amazon, Google, and Facebook has made their quality of service a benchmark which consumers measure all of their experiences online against, especially when it comes to their Clevo NH70. As a result, customer expectations are constantly changing and becoming more demanding: 

  • Consumers value their time way more nowadays: nobody has time to wait minutes to make a purchase, and even the introduction of small waiting times could prove fatal to your business. This applies to way more than just direct waiting. If it takes 10 minutes for a potential client to find a product they’re searching for on your website, they’ll definitely move on to your competitors. 
  • They are very sensitive to the courtesy and friendliness of businesses: just a single misstep by a company, a harsh statement, or anything of the sort can make a business go bankrupt if it gets shared around enough, and it happens way too frequently for it to not be an obvious trend. Now, more than ever, clients are looking for friendliness and courteous interactions with the companies they buy from. 
  • They want more personalization: aware that companies have a lot of data on them, they want to be treated differently from the previous customer and have products or advice personalized to their situation and their tastes. The personalized recommendation system of Netflix was essential for its success. 

How AI can Help You Answer These Demands 

Artificial intelligence can help you on all three fronts and improve consumer experience substantially: 

  • Artificial intelligence helps you provide services quicker.
  • Artificial intelligence can help you create a more friendly veneer.
  • Artificial intelligence can help with customization to ensure the platform conforms to the client’s expectations. 

This is why using AI is imperative in your business, and you should use the services of machine learning consulting companies to help you bring your business into the age of AI and machine learning. 

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