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Things To Know To Find A Desk That Improves Your Workday

A standing desk is used for writing, reading, or drawing while standing up. They allow you to stand while staring at your computer rather than sitting all day. There are several benefits of avoiding weight gain or even losing excess weight by slightly burning your calories. Standing may also reduce the risk of shoulder or back pain. However, you should go easy since the desks are just like any other intervention and come with developing back leg or foot pain. Go 30 to 60 minutes for a start and gradually increase it. You can set a timer to remind you when to stand or sit. It may not be an excellent answer to everybody, though. At MOVI workspace, you’re promised to find desks with the following characteristics.

Spacious Flat Desktop

It depends on how many screens you want to place on your desk, how far they should be from each other and you too. Take a few measurements before deciding to buy your desk. The desk should be able to accommodate your setup. The flat top is to prevent your screens from falling and breaking. 

Motorized Height Adjustment

You should set your desk about your elbow height forming a 90 degrees’ position from the floor. Electric desks can be raised or lowered at a touch of a button, controlled by your desk height via Bluetooth, allowing you to manage your desk remotely. The operator can practice sit-stand working. 


You should buy an already assembled stand-up desk to save you time; all you do is open the box, plugin, and hit go. You should not pass yourself through the problem of decoding confusing directions. You might misplace some parts of your desk, forcing you to make trips back and forth the store trying to find the pieces. It’s even safer to get an already assembled desk since if you fail to build it properly, compromising your safety.


It would help if you first determined how much you want to spend on your desk. The budget should be one of the first things you consider. Expensive does not necessarily mean good quality; there never goes for the price as a determinant for quality products. Go for a product you can afford to avoid over expenditure.


Companies with many years of experience and good advertising help create trust and loyalty to customers. The post-purchase determines if a customer will be back for another desk in the future. Different brands have different quality of products and other attributes like design, symbol, personality, and user image. Consider buying your standing desks from companies like MOVI with good customer service in case of any questions they could handle you well. Ensure to check the different brands before settling on one and the warranty they each come with. Consider where you place your stand-up desk; it should not be shaky or rickety under the desk. It should be sturdy and able to hold a certain amount of weight.

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