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Have you been seeking out a website where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows online? Well, we know how relaxing it can be, to lay on our comfy couch with a big bowl of popcorn and a heavy blanket, and stream our favorite movie and TV show online. But the scariest part of this chilling session, is to face slow buffering, shutting of the site and bad video quality. You wouldn’t want that right?

The Watch Online Free Movies and Tv Show

To watch online free movies is a pleasure that you would love to have. On a Saturday night, when you gather up with your friends at your place, get snacks ready along with your favorite drinks – the only thing that you all grown ups would love, is to watch online free movies and relax. As exhausting and hectic our routine has been, we all need some time to relax and soothe ourselves. What could be better than watching your favorite movie and TV shows online? Bobmovies is one of the sites where you can cherish these moments with your friends and family. 


Bobmovies is known as one of the best sites where you can stream movies and TV shows online. The website, Bobmovies, has a massive collection of movies and TV shows, categorized according to release dates and genre. The website streams videos at a high quality, for free. The user interface of the website is user-friendly, which makes it easier for a new user to find what they are looking for.

Features of Bobmovies

Features of Bobmovies

Massive Collection Of Movies And Tv Shows

The website has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. You can search on the site for your favorite movie, according to the date, genre or rating.

Downloading Of Movies And Tv Shows

Bobmovies allow you to download the movies and TV shows. You can stream or download them on your system or even on your smartphone.

The Website Is Free Of Expense

You can download or stream your favorite content for free. No hidden charges or expenses are charged on watching content online.

Good Quality Of Video

Bobmovies allow you to watch movies and TV shows with high-quality video, which makes it even better. You can choose the quality of video from 480p to 1080p.

Alternative Websites of Bobmovies

As convenient and reliable Bobmovies has been for us, unfortunately, there have been some issues which led to the closure of this website. It doesn’t offer any service anymore. But, don’t you worry, because we are here with the best Bobmovies Alternatives that you can go for. If you want to plan a movie night with your old buds, just check out these Bobmovies Alternatives and choose the one which seems suitable to you. Give the following a read:


MovieNinja is one of the best Bobmovies Alternatives that you can opt for. The website offers a huge database of movies and TV shows, that you can enjoy for free. The UI of the website is user-friendly and is convenient to be used by a first timer. The website doesn’t have any popup ads, which could be very irritating while watching your favorite movie. You can choose the video quality from 480p to 1080p.


Another Bobmovies Alternative is Popcornflix, which offers a massive collection of movies and TV shows. It is also one of the greatest competitors of Bobmovies. The website maintains good video quality along with high buffering speed. You can even download movies from Popcornflix – for free. Be it horror, romantic, comedy or sci-fiction, Popcornflix has all what you need.


Vumoo is just like Bobmovies, which means that if offers the same features including free content and high-quality videos. You can find a massive collection of movies and TV shows on Vumoo, ranging from comedy to romance, horror to sci-fiction and every genre. You do not have to register yourself on the site.


One of the most top-rated websites which is the best Bobmovies Alternative, is none other than Putlockers. The website has a huge collection of movies and TV series, which gives you a lot of options to choose from. The content is for free. Along with the user-friendly interface, you can also download movies and TV shows from Putlockers.


If you are looking for a website which could enable you to stream movies and TV shows online, for free, then Movie Watcher is the best Bobmovies Alternative that you can go for. You can find every movie and TV show on Movie Watcher, whether it be the latest or the oldest. High-quality videos will make it even better along with a user-friendly interface. No popup ads will interrupt your movie time on Movie Watcher.

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