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5 Things to Do When Selling Your House

Do you look forward to selling your house? Roll up your sleeves. Planting your house for sale is not an easy thing to do. There are certain points that if you consider before putting your house on sale, it can increase the value of your house. 

In case you wonder these points include any hard and fast rule then that is not the case. In fact these are really simple but very crucial things to do before selling your house.

In this article, we prepare a checklist of the five most important things to do before selling a house. 

Replace the Garage Door

The most important place is the door they enter from and if your house has a garage, then that is the very first source an impression is driven. 

Replace the garage doors with the ones having nice and simple designs such as RW Garage Doors Oregon.

Garage Door companies in Oregon are known to sell large and attractive garage doors that you can customize your garage doors from. In case you cannot replace the whole garage door, then garage door repair services are also there. These services offered by garage door companies in Oregon are inexpensive and quite affordable. 

Repaint the Walls to Neutral Tones

Bright shaded walls always have a different kind of an effect. It is a simple thing but has an everlasting effect. A phrase such as first impression is the last impression suits best to a situation like this. 

When a buyer visits your place, it is only the first impression that plays an important role in attracting them. Thus this point makes a way in the checklist on the second number. 

Hence repaint the walls to neutral tones and bright colors with cheap investment so you can earn fruitful results from it. 

Fix the Loose Handles

Simple but you would be amazed to see the kind of a negative effect loose handles can leave to the buyers. 

It makes them stop and think about the number of other things that are broken in this home. This creates a sense of doubt among the buyers looking for the purchase.

For a buyer to submit an offer and later making the final deal with you is a big thing. So when you ought to sell a home, you do not want to leave a question mark to their thinking process about if your house will make a great home or not.  

Add Some Plants

Adding plants to the house adds extra colors to the décor you do for the buyers. It makes a bright and welcoming environment for the buyers. 

Putting up an effort makes the buyers feel respected. Also, greenery always has a positive effect to the visitors.

This is the kind of impression that allows the buyer to think that you have had stepped a little further to make them understand how you are more than serious about the deal. Hence if they are serious about it too, then you would not mind negotiating about what they really have to offer. Plus this brings an overall freshness in the atmosphere when both the parties are having their deals processed. 


How do you actually clean your home when you, all of a sudden, want to take last-minute snaps? In just some minutes, everything in the room starts looking the best version in itself. 

When buyers are to visit and you think the home is clean already, then clean some more. It does not matter if you think they will not think of your home’s scent-which certainly is not true because either consciously or unconsciously they still will. 

Most importantly you cannot ignore the tidiness of your bathroom-spaces like counters, showers and floor shines should be made clean with extra care. 

Hide Valuables

Well this one goes for your own benefit. It is always good and secure to think about things that can backfire. You cannot think about impressing the buyer or locking the deal so much that you tend to lose the sense of your own security.

During an open house-such a thing can happen and if something like that happens then there is very little a seller can do when it is gone.  

Hence it is better to hide valuable stuff and do not trust anyone entering your house, even if the other party looks legit in every aspect or no matter how you good you think you are in your analysis of judging others. 


These are some generic advises that you should think of before making a home-selling deal. They are really basic tips but very effective. Of course when trying to finalize a deal that goes in favor of you-it, most importantly, depends on good communication skills but these little factors collectively become very effective.

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