How Serialnet Helps You To Find Serials Online

What is the best activity to do in quarantine? Watching movies, series, listening to music, and more. But when we talk about serialnet, then, of course, it is something exciting. For watching videos and listening to audios in amazing quality, we can prefer serialnet. You can upload videos, view, and share, but you can’t download them. You just required a high speed of the internet. We always felt that we like videos that are so attractive and appealing that you want to watch it again and again, but we can’t download it because it contains a lot of memory. What you have to do is save that particular video offline that you want to watch again and watch it wherever and whenever you want. 

It is easy to find serials online, but when it comes to downloading, then it is difficult especially in serialnet. In this guide, you will find some of the best ways to download your favorite show or video without going anywhere. Follow the steps so that you can save and download your favorite show and then watch it later on when you want to. It is perfect for you to download into your android phone, PC, or any other device.

Steps To Download Serialnet Video

Here are three effective ways to download serialnet videos that will help you to watch your favorite video or audio every time you want. 

View The Video And Copy The URL

First of all, search for the video that you want to download from serialnet. After that cut/copy the URL from the URL Box, then press Ctrl + L on the computer so that it will be highlighted and you can easily cut or copy it.

Open 9xbuddy & Paste the video URL

Same as the first step, it is also easy to apply that will take you to the one step closer to the media file. Just search 9xbuddy in google/ or any other search engine that you use often or simply head to the website by typing 9xbuddy in the address bar. At the homepage of 9xbuddy, you can see a big rectangular box just below the minions with captions as “Enter the URL of the video you want to download”. 

After pasting the media file link in the box, you need to click on the Download Button, or if you are on PC/Laptop simply press Enter. And that’s all. Just enjoy your second which is simply amazing and easy to use. 

Download Links Will Be Extracted

In this final step, you don’t have to do many things. Everything will proceed in the background. After pasting & clicking on the download button, the script will take a few seconds to extract the download links of the media file from the URL. Have you finished your extracting process? Then final extracted links will start generating that are ready to use. 

Here you can see various media file Formats & Quality sizes, all you need to do is find out your favorite video and enjoy your time. If you want to change the size, then it is also an easy option ‘Show Size’. Now, let’s select your desired quality and format, then click on the download button. Now, your media file will start downloading automatically and you can watch it as many times as you want later on. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just select your favorite video or audio and start downloading it so that you can spend your spare time without any distraction of ads or any other issue. No need to search for software, app, or any plugins. You can also share these simple steps with your friends and family to get inspired by it. 

Serialnet Helps In Finding Serials Online

As many online brands allow users to take benefits from it, similarly, Serialnet also helping in search of your serials. You just have to search your video in the search bar and get unlimited results and choose the best one that you want. Don’t need to panic, it is really easy and simple to use. 


Here you will get some effective sort of information on the platform. So, keep reading and get knowledge about what you don’t know.

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