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Robyn Hilton was born in 13th of July, 1944. She is an American actress who played her tremendous part in American television and film. Robyn was born and grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. She graduated from Jerome High School in 1958. 

For a while, she was active in her hometown as a weather forecaster, prior to this, Robyn attended Boise Junior College and Utah State University for her education. She later got married to William Hilton and was known to be very happy with the marital life. 

Robyn Hilton

Robyn was established as a model and actress later in her 1960s. Robyn Hilton’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 


She started her career in television firstly when she started as a weather forecaster in her hometown. Robyn initially had some minor roles in ‘My Tale is Hot’ and ‘Kiss Me Quick’. Other work of Robyn Hilton includes her roles in ‘Blazing Saddles’ in 1974 and ‘The Single Girls´ where she played the role of Denise quite tremendously. She also played the role of Linda Loveman in the movie ‘The Last Porno Flick’. Hilton also played some incredible role in the universe of TV series. 

Later, Robyn got featured in a comedy known as ‘Video Vixens’ in 1975. But after the year 1977, Robyn Hilton kind of disappeared from the cameras as well as pretty much off cameras. She took an almost 10 years long break before she resurfaced with a role of Maid Mana in a movie of genre action and adventure known as the ‘Malibu Express’ in 1985. 

Along with a successful actress, Robyn Hilton was also a successful model. She appeared in an article named ‘Sex in Cinemas’ in 1974 in the ‘Playboy’ magazine. A month later, she was seen in an article called ’Sex Stars’. 

Robyn Hilton played her role as an actress and model in the American cinema and left with a really good feedback. She was an inspiration and a role model for the new comers in the television industry. 

Some of Robyn’s best work includes her amazing performances in;

  • The Blazing Saddles as Miss Stein
  • The Single Girls as Denise
  • The Rookies as Crystal
  • Police Woman as Trudy
  • Doc Savage; The Man of Bronze as Karen
  • Video Vixens as Inga
  • Starsky and Hutch episode ‘Huggy Bear and the Turkey’ as Miss O’Toole

Personal Life.

Robyn Hilton wanted to be an actress since she was a child. She was the daughter of James and Erma Jeanne. Robyn’s father was a veteran in the Second World War. Robyn’s parents solely discouraged her interests and talents in the acting industry and weren’t in favor of her pursuing her career in the television industry. But Robyn and her intentions were so strong that she ended up being one of the most known actresses in the history of American television. 

Talking about Robyn Hilton’s love life, she was known to be involved in a couple of love affairs in her youth but I guess that’s normal, isn’t it? Two of her most famous affairs included the period when she dated Prince Knecht and Mitch Orenstein. 

Robyn later got married to a great guy, William Hilton in 1961.  Robyn and William had two great children but unfortunately things didn’t work out very well and they witnessed a divorce in 1968. Robyn remained single for 22 years after experiencing divorce with William Hilton. After those lonely years, Robyn remarried Alan Mihoces in 1990. Robyn and Alan had one child together but unfortunately things unraveled and didn’t work between them as well, leaving them with no other option than divorce. A few years later, she divorced Alan as well. 

Talking about bad habits, Robyn wasn’t known to be addicted to drugs, pills or cigarettes but there was something else she was guilty of being addicted to. There was a time where she was said to be addicted to numerology and astronomy and she just couldn’t get enough of it. A rumor that we know about Robyn Hilton was that she was said to have a breast enlargement surgery although she denied the fact when she was asked about it. 

Where is Robyn Hilton Now?

As we can recall, Robyn was born in 1944. She got married at the age of 17 in 1961 and was divorced when she was 24. She ruled most of the American adult entertainment world with the help of her talent and looks. 

The question asking about where Robyn Hilton is now is a question of curiosity. Robyn was seen on the M.O.R.E. publications until the year 1990 but then Robyn went off the radar and she vanished from the TV industry. 

The next we heard of Robyn Hilton was when she got remarried to Alan Mihoces and then ultimately filed her divorce in 2009. When her divorce was finalized in the year 2011, Robyn Hilton was said to be vanished again. She has no social media presence or hasn’t been seen in any of the public events or whereabouts. It is not sure where she is or what she is up to nowadays.

On the other hand, there is no news or record of her death. So we assume and hope that the star is still alive and healthy, somewhere enjoying her life as she had always been. Although there is no confirmed source but some wiki source tells us that Robyn Hilton was seen somewhere around California. 

Other Facts About Robyn Hilton.

We know about the professional and personal life of Robyn Hilton now, although we have no confirm source of information about her current whereabouts. This is all we know about her. Some other facts and information regarding Robyn Hilton can be her body measurements. 

Robyn was considered to be a woman of perfect figure. Her body was ideal to most women and Robyn inspired and motivated those to take care of their bodies like Robyn took care of hers. As per records, her figure was said to be 37-25-37 which is bust, waist and hips respectively. 

The listed weight of Robyn Hilton was 60 kg which is fit and perfect for girls her age and height at that time. Speaking of height, Robyn Hilton had an attractive height of 5 feet and 9 inches. She had a slim yet beautiful physique and wore a dress of size 8 (U.S size). 

Robyn had blue eyes and beautiful hair of brown color although her actual hair color was blonde. Robyn Hilton’s horoscope was Cancer and her nationality was American product Star Wars Jacket


American television has witnessed some of the most amazing actors and actresses of all time. Robyn Hilton was one of the most talented and beautiful amongst them. Robyn Hilton was also called ‘The Goddess of American adult entertainment’ which was one of the biggest compliments one can get. 

Although Robyn Hilton’s father did not approve her acting talents and her desire to crash the American television industry, she still chose to follow her heart and do what she thinks was best for her. Robyn had an amazing career in the American television industry and was a very successful actress as well as a successful model.

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