Everything You Have Been Looking For About Paige Wyatt: 

Paige wyatt might not be a very common name for you if you haven’t seen “American guns” yet. American Guns is a reality show broadcasted on Discovery channel. This Show revolves around guns of the Wyatt family and is good entertainment for people who have something for guns and pistols. Paige Wyatt stepped into Hollywood before American guns but this reality show gave her the spotlight and she has got a huge fan base. Paige wyatt is a model, a lovely stage star and a film star with defined business territories. 

If you want to know more about Paige Wyatt and her personal life, then let’s have a look at the information I have collected below. 

Paige Wyatt Biography: 

Paige Wyatt was born on october 30 1994, currently she is 25 years old. Her star is “scorpio” In this young age Paige has huge fan base and followers from different corners of world. Paige wyat is guns”. daughter of Renee Wyatt and Rich Wyatt. Her father has a guns company named as “Gunsmoke Guns”.  Paige developed her interest in guns and weapons from a very early age, she got her gun license in secondary school. Paige is currently working hard for her career and to complete her studies. There is not much information related to paige wyatt education. 

Paige was very active on social media accounts especially Instagram, she had 15,000 instagram followers. But from some time, her instagram is not active. It seems like she is fully focused on her career and studies. 

Paige Wyatt Body measurements: 

Paige wyatt is a smart, tall and beautiful girl. Her smile can swoon away the hearts of hundreds of boys at a time. Paige is very conscious when it comes to her fitness and beauty. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.her weight is around 52 kg’s. She has blonde hair with beautiful Hazel eyes that looks gorgeous on Paige. 

Paige Wyatt Relationship status: 

Paige Wyatt is very secretive when it comes to her personal life. But according to some sources Paige has a boyfriend/fiance named Pate hargis. Hargis proposed Wyatt on valentines day in Columbia. Paige later on shared their enegamenet picture on instagram back in 2018. There is no confirmation about her current relationship status, no one knows that either Wyatt and Hargis are still dating or not. But there are still no signs of separation or breakup. 

Paige wyatt Successful career: 

Paige Wyatt has a deep interest in weapons and guns from a very young age. As her father was the founder of Gunsmoke Arms, Paige started working for her father’s store at a very early age. She started her career as a sales partner. Her family business expanded and the Wyatt family became a part of a reality show “American guns”, when the Gunsmoke army was taken up by a discovery channel. From American guns, the Wyatt family got recognition. Each episode of American guns crossed over 10 millions views and Paige along with other members of the wyatt family came into spotlight. The second season of American guns was even more successful. 

The Wyatt family came into crisis, when this show was cancelled due to “fake license”. Rich got improsimentfor 78 months and his shop was shut down. After this incident, Paige Wyatt became socially inactive and she started avoiding the media and its spotlight. 

Other Than being a part of a TV reality show, Paige began her modelling career. Later on she started her own clothing line and a website. 

Paige Wyatt Net Worth: 

Paige is a very secretive person, that’s whether net worth is not public. There is no as such information related to her income and Net worth. But it’s nothing wrong in saying that she had earned enough from American guns and her online clothing line. The net worth of Paige Wyatt’s father is around $ 10 millions. 

Here is all you need to know about Paige Wyatt and her personal life. Do you like to add up some extra information to the above article? 

Feel free to drop down your suggestions.

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