Why Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is for More Than Just Summer

Most people believe that hair removal should be done during spring to prepare for summer. But, many don’t recognize that delaying hair removal treatment till spring is a bad idea.

This post will tell you some of the main reasons why laser hair removal treatment is for more than just summer.

When Is The Perfect Time For A Hair Removal Treatment?

The fall and winter months are ideal for scheduling laser hair removal appointments. It’s because, during winter and fall, people don’t get as much sun exposure or skin exposure. Aside from that, it’s been shown that laser hair removal works better on people with light skin and dark hair. In addition, skin is often palest during winter due to reduced skin and sun exposure.

But, there is also effective laser hair removal for darker skin. These hair removal technologies are incredibly effective in removing hair, even for individuals with darker complexions, due to their higher nanometer laser light wavelengths. 

Since this certain wavelength reaches the skin deep enough to kill the hair follicles without damaging the nearby melanocytes, it is the safest for skin with darker complexions. Melanocytes are the skin cells that make a color.

It makes sense that smooth, hair-free skin is synonymous with summer. Besides, that’s the time of year when vacations to the beach, shorts, and swimming suits emerge from the wardrobe. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the ideal moment to use laser treatment to stop unwanted hair development.

The Benefits Of Winter And Fall Laser Hair Removal

You have things better to do than stress over undesirable face and body hair. It is also a hassle to experience painful hair removal methods and everyday maintenance. So, here are among the benefits of undergoing laser hair removal during fall and winter:

  • Limited sun exposure. After laser treatment, staying out of the sun is best to prevent skin damage. Even if you wear a wide-brimmed hat, or use SPF 30 sunscreen and clothes that cover the treated area protects you from the sun, it’s still best to entirely avoid sun exposure. Although you can protect yourself from the sun by using SPF 30 sunscreen, clothing that covers the treated area(s), and a wide-brimmed hat, staying out of the sun as much as possible is preferable. During these months, most activities are held indoors due to the weather.
  • Limited skin exposure. Fall and winter fashion favors sweaters, long sleeves, and pants, making it the most perfect time for laser hair removal. In addition, it contributes to the natural tan loss that occurs during these months in most people.
  • The ideal time for all types of skin. The ideal time to start treatment is during the fall and winter, when your skin is typically at its palest and outdoor time, and sun exposure is at its lowest.

Ultimately, laser hair removal treatment is best done now. However, there is no bad time to get a hair removal treatment since some laser hair removal workstations use a technology ideal for all color complexions.

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