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Good Culture Lactose Free Cottage Cheese Review

Recently in dairy products, good culture has gained popularity for producing high-quality products that have both taste and nutrition. But now finally they come with their new launch which is good culture lactose free cottage cheese. Their sales increased because of the people who have a strange wish to have milk without lactose.

Good culture lactose free cottage cheese is available in 15 oz tubs and 5 oz, single-serve cups. Back in September 2023 they launched Whole Foods Market stores and expanded into other retailers in 2023. There are 18 grams of protein in every serving cup.

But Those who are new to lactose-free cottage cheese. We got you 

What Is Lactose-free Cottage Cheese? 

Lactose-free cottage cheese is a flexible, high-protein snack that will make you fall in love with cottage cheese all over again. It’s made with just a few simple, organic ingredients (whole milk and cream, Celtic sea salt, lactase enzyme, and live, active cultures) and contains no additives, gums, or stabilizers

Difference Between Lactose-free And Dairy-free

There are two different things: lactose-free and dairy-free. Lactose is a component of milk and milk products that may cause digestive problems in some people. By adding lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk, it is possible to make a dairy product free of lactose. Dairy products, whether or not they are lactose-free, cover all milk-based products. Milk and lactose are not present in dairy-free products. 

Review Of Good Culture Lactose Free Cottage Cheese

So following are the reviews of the people who love good culture lactose free cottage cheese. We pick some reviews for you so you better decide if you want to try it or not

By Jessica 

I’ve forgotten how much I love cottage cheese! It’s been years since I’ve eaten it because I’m not good at dairy. It was a pleasant surprise to find a lactose-free version. I’m eating it every day, loving the taste and texture of this product. Unlike the WF private label, no fillers or gum are amazing. It’s great with vegetables and it can be mixed into scrambled eggs.

By Kembler 

I’m fond of cottage cheese with peaches, but I have lactose intolerance. It’s the perfect size for a quick and wonderful high-protein snack, which I need! I don’t have it anymore, and every time I shop on the app, I look for it. Can we request a reshipment?

By Rony 

No one’s thinking, “Cottage cheese, it’s delicious.” But then this cottage cheese is utterly delicious. It’s a smooth, perfectly sized curd that you can eat or mix in with whatever you like. There’s a lot of protein and the container can easily be rinsed out for reuse. I’m considering replacing our staple of flavored Greek yogurt with this cottage cheese. It may contain more fat per oz but the trade-off is higher protein. Yes, I’m recommending it.


To wrap it up, the good culture lactose free cottage cheese is the best option for those who are looking for an amazing and nutritious dairy product that does not contain lactose. With its creamy texture, rich flavor, and wholesome ingredients, it stands alone as a popular choice in the market.

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