Best Places To Watch Anime Online 2023

Anime base is one of the best art, creating and sketching anime characters requires a lot of effort and art. Sketching anime base is one kind of best entertainment, just like watching anime. No matter if it’s anime baseor anime movies, Japanese anime is making people addicted to it. 

Japanese Anime is getting popular day by day. There was a time when anime fans were only found in Japan and China. But now you can see millions of anime fans in different regions of the world. Anime movies and seasons are getting popular and no doubt watching anime is one of the best entertainment. 

If you are an anime freak like me and want to watch anime movies/seasons 24 hours a day then you are at the right place. Now all thanks to the internet that there are many free online streaming anime websites that let you watch your favourite anime movies for free. 

In the article below, I have selected some of the best anime websites. Let’s have a look at them. 


If you are an anime fan and have been watching it for years then you must have heard about 9Anime. It is one of the best online anime streaming websites that has huge followers across the globe. This website is best when it comes to quality anime content, more frequent updates and little ads. The best thing about this anime streaming website is “it is absolutely free”. No registration is required. 

9Anime has an advanced search option that lets you search your favorite anime movies within a few seconds.  Its layout needs appreciation. Simple, elegant, and attractive, you can easily understand it no matter if you are using it for the very first time. 

9anime has the best archives, name the anime movie and you will find it on 9anime. 


Kissanime is another popular name. Many fans say that they need no other anime streaming website as they have kissanime already. Kiss Anime has the highest number of viewers and users as compared to all other websites. You can find tons of subbed and original anime movies and seasons in HD quality. The search option lets you find your favourite anime in a few minutes. Kissanime is free to use. But in case you want to download movies, it requires registration. Inshort, if you are looking for the best anime streaming website then there is no better website than Kissanime. 


This website is not only one of the best websites to watch anime online, but it has a best attractive name as well. Crunchy roll is a very popular anime website among anime fans. This website has a huge anime collection belonging to different genres like comedy, action, horror, romance, adventure and thrill. 

All this collection is available inHD quality. Crunchyroll is easily accessible in different parts of the world. The website gets updated regularly making sure you don’t miss any important movie. Crunchyroll is free and safe to use. 


AnimeDao is another website that is loved by anime lovers from different parts of the world. This website is best when it comes to quality content, highest streaming speed,little ads, more updates, and ease of use. Fans love AnimeDao because it is easily accessible. Like all the above anime websites AnimeDao is also free to use. You just need to open the official website and start searching your favourite anime movie or series. 

I will give 10/10 to its layout. The interface is simple and attractive. The movies are properly categorized. You can also find subbed and dubbed versions of all the latest and old anime movies. 

Final Verdict

Anime movies or anime are one of the best entertainment for people of all ages. No matter if you are a teenager or entering into your 50’s you can always watch anime as entertainment. or create an anime base.  All thanks to technology, that now you can enjoy everything by sitting at home and in just a few clicks. The above-mentioned websites are some of the best anime streaming websites in the world. Select any of the above websites and enjoy watching your favorite anime movies or seasons.

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